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Our Services

Understand our process and the scope of our services a little bit better below!

Site Visit

We always start with a site visit on location. We like to firstly meet and connect with you and then to understand your scope and the design parameters.

Image by KOBU Agency
Image by Marvin Meyer

Concept Design

Here we workshop the functional layout and spatial design factors of your project. This part involves a lot of collaboration with you, where we aim to mesh your scope with compliance parameters 

Material Palette Selections

Once one hard part is done, we treat ourselves (and you!), focusing on the material palette. This encapsulates colours, furniture, fixings, lighting & decor, for both interior and exterior selections.

Image by STIL
Image by Sven Mieke

Certification Documentation

Drawing documentation is then upgraded for compliance with relevant authorities. We can take care of DA, CC, CDC, liquor licensing, strata / body corporate documentation. We liaise with all relevant authorities / consultants during this process.

Construction Documentation

Back to the hard stuff. The drawing documentation set is further upgraded. This set provides further detail on all design aspects. The outcome is a set of drawings that can be given to your shop fitter, carpenter or builder for quotation and construction.

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